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47 years ago, 3rd April 1970, a brutal bank robbery in Dublin turned fatal shooting, of Guard Richard Fallon, heralded the start of a purge of violence against security services that hadn't been witnessed since Irish insurrection preceded neutrality in WW2. The group responsible was known as SAOR EIRE - a Trotsky-inspired communist breakaway faction of the IRA. 

This short, fact-based fictional interpretation of events immediately following that armed raid, was shot in Gosport, Portsmouth on Monday 24th April 2017. Intended to be, with sufficient industry interest, a fully-financed feature film, this is our proof of concept, a single scene, lit and graded in the finest neo-noir style seen in 70's classics like Dog Day Afternoon, Serpico, and The Godfather. More recent offerings, like Drive, Reservoir Dogs, and Donnie Brasco interpreted that style to fantastic effect and have been the influences behind this short film / feature promo.

Starring Phil Hemming, Finbarr F. Delaney, Frank Jakeman, Jake Francis, Steven Dalmon, and David BourneProduced by Oceanstorm Films, Written & Directed by Nicholas David Lean, and shot by Gary-Anthony Rogers. Makeup & SFX by Clare Nixon, Edited by Gary Anthony Rogers, VFX by Jazz Sagar, Sound Recordist Wayne Reay, Lighting by Roy Gwinn, featuring music by Canned Heat, Wilbert Harrison, and the title track "Brotherhood" by Benjamin Symons.

The cast and crew (incl. Lawrie Rose - AD, Tim O'Connor - Boom, Elisha Miller - Stills, Richard Oakes - Camera Assistant) all donated their time and resources to make this non-commercially intended, feature planned teaser possible. The 12 page script was completed in just one nine-hour day and the budget of £250 covered period props and costumes to complete the late 60's / early 70's authenticity required.